UniFi – How to Set Traffic Bandwidth Limits


Readers will learn how to set traffic-shaping parameters in order to manage bandwidth on UniFi networks. Bandwidth management is important to maintaining a functional network while avoiding traffic “bottlenecks.” UniFi allows operators to set up traffic shaping at the controller for users.

info_i_25x25.png Note: These limits are applied at the WLAN UAP, so if the goal is to impose limits on the bandwidth used at the WAN by clients, it is best to consider traffic-shaping policies at the gateway, the demarcation point of the WAN connection.

UniFi allows for traffic-shaping policies to be applied at Layer-2 for either “groups” (e.g., SSID, VLAN) or for “individuals” (e.g., WLAN client 28, WLAN client 99).

Table of Contents

  1. How to Set Group-Based Limits
  2. How to Set User-Based Limits
  3. User Tips & Notes
  4. Related Articles

How to Set Group-Based Limits

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In order to set up traffic shaping / bandwidth management for multiple clients on a UniFi network, select User Groups under the Settings tab found in the lower left corner of the Controller Screen_Shot_2017-03-25_at_6.20.52_PM.png .  


User groups are listed in this section. Each user group employs specific bandwidth limits for both upload / download. The default will have unlimited download and upload.

To create a new User Group, click on +Create a New User Group, insert the name you wish to use for this group and the desired bandwidth limit for upload and download. If you do not check the boxes to limit bandwidth, that User Group will have unlimited bandwidth. Click Save.


Apply user group configuration to users who join a specific wireless network

User groups can be applied automatically as users join a particular WLAN, as long as it’s configured at the WLAN itself. To do so:

1. Go to the Wireless Networks tab

2. Click Create a New Wireless Network

3. Add a Name and other configurations as desired.

4. Under Advanced Options select the User Group of your preference. Click Save.


How to Set User-Based Limits

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User groups can also be applied manually per client station, regardless of the WLAN they join. Do this by:

1. Access the Clients tab

2. Click on the desired client name to expose their Properties panel

3. In the Properties panel, select Configuration

4. Select the desired User Group from the dropdown


User Notes & Tips

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These notes have been added thanks to user collaboration. Have anything to contribute? Click on the Give Feedback button below!

  • For group-based traffic limits, each connecting user is be applied these traffic limits.

    I.e., Each of 10 connected on WLAN have max capacity of 1024/1024 Kbps download & upload respectively, not 102.4Kbps each. 

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