Intro to Networking – Intro to UEWWS Course


Throughout the Ubiquiti Enterprise Wired & Wireless Specialist online training course, we’ll explore fundamental networking concepts required to build, manage, and troubleshoot today’s Enterprise networks using the Ubiquiti UniFi platform.

This course is divided into two modules: 1- Enterprise Network Design, and, 2- UniFi Controller. Each module contains a series of lessons comprising of video tutorials, learning documents, lab tutorials, and assessments that you must complete prior to downloading your online certificate of course completion.


UniFi Learning Center

When logged in with your UBNT SSO account on, the UniFi Learning Center contains all of the activities for the UEWWS course. Return to the UniFi Learning Center panel to complete each UEWWS activity sequentially.

The UniFi Learning Center panel minimizes to the bottom right corner of

UEWWS Assessments

The Course Assessments are designed to track your progress, knowledge, and mastery of UniFi and UEWWS networking concepts. You can attempt a given Assessment as many times as necessary.


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