UniFi – Which hardware generation is my UniFi Access Point (UAP)?


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   Notes & Requirements:

Applicable to EdgeOS 1.9.1+ firmware. Knowledge of the Command Line Interface (CLI) and basic networking knowledge is required.

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Readers will be able to determine the generation of their hardware by following this article. This is useful for several reasons, one of the more important ones being to determine whether a feature is supported on a certain device or not.

Hardware Table

1st gen devices 2nd gen devices 3rd gen devices

UAP (Datasheet)

UAP-LR (Datasheet) UAP-AC-LR  
UAP-Pro (Datasheet) UAP-AC-Pro  
UAP-IW (Datasheet) UAP-AC-EDU  
UAP-Outdoor (Datasheet) UAP-AC-M  
UAP-Outdoor5 (Datasheet) UAP-AC-M-PRO  
UAP-Outdoor+ (Datasheet) UAP-AC-IW  
UAPv2 (Datasheet)    
UAP-LRv2 (Datasheet)    
UAP-AC v2    

How to Determine the Device Model

The above models can easily be determined from within the Controller, by going to the device section and referencing the Model column. Please reference the image below as an example.

Most SKUs are easy to translate into a model. A SKU can be found on the the stickers of the UAP itself, or on a sticker on the box.

In some cases you may see a v2 after the name in the controller. Those models will share the SKU with original device (non v2). The v2 indicates a hardware revision compared to the original version. A hardware revision does not mean a different generation of hardware. Take UAP-AC and UAP-ACv2 for example, both models are 1st gen UAPs.

Notes: This article will be updated with images at a later point in time. 

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